From 2002 we began to conduct research in Semantic Web, and in November 2009 we founded the Websoft research group at the Department of Computer Science and Technology of Nanjing University. Our research covers Semantic Web, knowledge graph, and novel intelligent software technologies. At present, we particularly focus on knowledge graph based representation learning, search and question answering, mining and fusion, natural language processing and neuro-symbolic computation. We aim at conducting cutting-edge research in knowledge graph and intelligent software, and at realizing the vision of the Semantic Web.

Websoft News#

  • 2023-08: One paper was accepted by KBS.
  • 2023-08: Two papers were accepted by CIKM.
  • 2023-07: One paper was accepted by NLPCC.
  • 2023-07: Two papers were accepted by ISWC.