!!!Conference Papers
*Xixin Hu, Yiheng Shu, Xiang Huang, Yuzhong Qu: EDG-Based Question Decomposition for Complex Question Answering over Knowledge Bases. __Proc. ISWC__
*Xiaxia Wang, Gong Cheng, Tengteng Lin, Jing Xu, Jeff Z. Pan, Evgeny Kharlamov, Yuzhong Qu: PCSG: Pattern-Coverage Snippet Generation for RDF Datasets. __Proc. ISWC__
*Yulin Shen, Ziheng Chen, Gong Cheng, Yuzhong Qu: CKGG: A Chinese Knowledge Graph for High-School Geography Education and Beyond. __Proc. ISWC %%(color:red;)(Best Resource Paper Nominee)%%__
*Yuxuan Shi, Gong Cheng, Trung-Kien Tran, Jie Tang, Evgeny Kharlamov: Keyword-Based Knowledge Graph Exploration Based on Quadratic Group Steiner Trees. __Proc. IJCAI__
*Zequn Sun, Muhao Chen, Wei Hu: Knowing the No-match: Entity Alignment with Dangling Cases. __Proc. ACL__
*Yuxuan Shi, Gong Cheng, Trung-Kien Tran, Evgeny Kharlamov, Yulin Shen: Efficient Computation of Semantically Cohesive Subgraphs for Keyword-Based Knowledge Graph Exploration. __Proc. WWW__
*Xiao Li, Yawei Sun, Gong Cheng: TSQA: Tabular Scenario Based Question Answering. __Proc. AAAI__
*Difeng Wang, Wei Hu, Ermei Cao, Weijian Sun: Global-to-Local Neural Networks for Document-Level Relation Extraction. __Proc. EMNLP__
*Zequn Sun, Muhao Chen, Wei Hu, Chengming Wang, Jian Dai, Wei Zhang: Knowledge Association with Hyperbolic Knowledge Graph Embeddings. __Proc. EMNLP__
*Gong Cheng, Shuxin Li, Ke Zhang, Chengkai Li: Generating Compact and Relaxable Answers to Keyword Queries over Knowledge Graphs. __Proc. ISWC__
*Xinze Lyu, Guangyao Li, JiaCheng Huang, Wei Hu: Rule-Guided Graph Neural Networks for Recommender Systems. __Proc. ISWC__
*Shengguang Qiu, Botao Yu, Lei Qian, Qiang Guo, Wei Hu: Joint Reasoning of Events, Participants and Locations for Plot Relation Recognition. __Proc. APWeb__
*Junyou Li, Gong Cheng, Qingxia Liu, Wen Zhang, Evgeny Kharlamov, Kalpa Gunaratna, Huajun Chen: Neural Entity Summarization with Joint Encoding and Weak Supervision. __Proc. IJCAI__
*Shuxin Li, Zixian Huang, Gong Cheng, Evgeny Kharlamov, Kalpa Gunaratna: Enriching Documents with Compact, Representative, Relevant Knowledge Graphs. __Proc. IJCAI__
*Farahnaz Akrami, Mohammed Samiul Saeef, Qingheng Zhang, Wei Hu, Chengkai Li: Realistic Re-evaluation of Knowledge Graph Completion Methods: An Experimental Study. __Proc. SIGMOD__
*Qingxia Liu, Gong Cheng, Kalpa Gunaratna, Yuzhong Qu: ESBM: An Entity Summarization BenchMark. __Proc. ESWC %%(color:red;)(Best Resource Paper Nominee)%%__
*Qingxia Liu, Yue Chen, Gong Cheng, Evgeny Kharlamov, Junyou Li, Yuzhong Qu: Entity Summarization with User Feedback. __Proc. ESWC %%(color:red;)(Best Research Paper Award)%%__
*JiaCheng Huang, Wei Hu, Zhifeng Bao, Yuzhong Qu: Crowdsourced Collective Entity Resolution with Relational Match Propagation. __Proc. ICDE__
*Yuxuan Shi, Gong Cheng, Evgeny Kharlamov: Keyword Search over Knowledge Graphs via Static and Dynamic Hub Labelings. __Proc. WWW__
*Ermei Cao, Difeng Wang, JiaCheng Huang, Wei Hu: Open Knowledge Enrichment for Long-tail Entities. __Proc. WWW__
*Zequn Sun, Chengming Wang, Wei Hu, Muhao Chen, Jian Dai, Wei Zhang, Yuzhong Qu: Knowledge Graph Alignment Network with Gated Multi-Hop Neighborhood Aggregation. __Proc. AAAI__
*Yawei Sun, Lingling Zhang, Gong Cheng, Yuzhong Qu: SPARQA: Skeleton-Based Semantic Parsing for Complex Questions over Knowledge Bases. __Proc. AAAI__
*Tianshuo Zhou, Ziyang Li, Gong Cheng, Jun Wang, Yuang Wei: GREASE: A Generative Model for Relevance Search over Knowledge Graphs. __Proc. WSDM__
*Jiwei Ding, Wei Hu, Qixin Xu, Yuzhong Qu: Leveraging Frequent Query Substructures to Generate Formal Queries for Complex Question Answering. __Proc. EMNLP__
*Jiwei Ding, Wei Hu, Qixin Xu, Yuzhong Qu: Mapping Factoid Adjective Constraints to Existential Restrictions over Knowledge Bases. __Proc. ISWC__
*Zequn Sun, JiaCheng Huang, Wei Hu, Muhao Chen, Lingbing Guo, Yuzhong Qu: TransEdge: Translating Relation-Contextualized Embeddings for Knowledge Graphs. __Proc. ISWC__
*Xiaxia Wang, Jinchi Chen, Shuxin Li, Gong Cheng, Jeff Z. Pan, Evgeny Kharlamov, Yuzhong Qu: A Framework for Evaluating Snippet Generation for Dataset Search. __Proc. ISWC__
*Qingheng Zhang, Zequn Sun, Wei Hu, Muhao Chen, Lingbing Guo, Yuzhong Qu: Multi-view Knowledge Graph Embedding for Entity Alignment. __Proc. IJCAI__
*Lingbing Guo, Zequn Sun, Wei Hu: Learning to Exploit Long-term Relational Dependencies in Knowledge Graphs. __Proc. ICML__
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*Yu Gu, Yue Liang, Gong Cheng, Daxin Liu, Ruidi Wei, Yuzhong Qu: Diversified and Verbalized Result Summarization for Semantic Association Search. __Proc. WISE__
*Yawei Sun, Gong Cheng, Yuzhong Qu: Reading Comprehension with Graph-based Temporal-Casual Reasoning. __Proc. COLING %%(color:red;)(Area Chair Favorites)%%__
*Zequn Sun, Wei Hu, Qingheng Zhang, Yuzhong Qu: Bootstrapping Entity Alignment with Knowledge Graph Embedding. __Proc. IJCAI__
*JiaCheng Huang, Wei Hu, Haoxuan Li, Yuzhong Qu: Automated Comparative Table Generation for Facilitating Human Intervention in Multi-Entity Resolution. __Proc. SIGIR__
*Jiwei Ding, Yuan Wang, Wei Hu, Linfeng Shi, Yuzhong Qu: Answering Multiple-Choice Questions in Geographical Gaokao with a Concept Graph. __Proc. ESWC__
*Meng Wang, Jiaheng Zhang, Jun Liu, Wei Hu, Sen Wang, Xue Li, Wenqiang Liu: PDD Graph: Bridging Electronic Medical Records and Biomedical Knowledge Graphs via Entity Linking. __Proc. ISWC__
*Zequn Sun, Wei Hu, Chengkai Li: Cross-Lingual Entity Alignment via Joint Attribute-Preserving Embedding. __Proc. ISWC__
*Kalpa Gunaratna, Amir Hossein Yazdavar, Krishnaprasad Thirunarayan, Amit P. Sheth, Gong Cheng: Relatedness-based Multi-Entity Summarization. __Proc. IJCAI__
*Wenqiang Liu, Jun Liu, Haimeng Duan, Wei Hu, Bifan Wei: Exploiting Source-Object Networks to Resolve Object Conflicts in Linked Data. __Proc. ESWC__
*Gong Cheng, Cheng Jin, Wentao Ding, Danyun Xu, Yuzhong Qu: Generating Illustrative Snippets for Open Data on the Web. __Proc. WSDM__
*Wei Hu, Haoxuan Li, Zequn Sun, Xinqi Qian, Lingkun Xue, Ermei Cao, Yuzhong Qu: Clinga: Bringing Chinese Physical and Human Geography in Linked Open Data. __Proc. ISWC__
*Gong Cheng, Daxin Liu, Yuzhong Qu: Efficient Algorithms for Association Finding and Frequent Association Pattern Mining. __Proc. ISWC__
*Gong Cheng, Weixi Zhu, Ziwei Wang, Jianghui Chen, Yuzhong Qu: Taking Up the Gaokao Challenge: An Information Retrieval Approach. __Proc. IJCAI__
*Gong Cheng, Cheng Jin, Yuzhong Qu: HIEDS: A Generic and Efficient Approach to Hierarchical Dataset Summarization. __Proc. IJCAI__
*Liang Zheng, Jiang Xu, Jidong Jiang, Yuzhong Qu, Gong Cheng: Iterative Entity Navigation via Co-clustering Semantic Links and Entity Classes. __Proc. ESWC__
*Kalpa Gunaratna, Krishnaprasad Thirunarayan, Amit P. Sheth, Gong Cheng: Gleaning Types for Literals in RDF Triples with Application to Entity Summarization. __Proc. ESWC__
*Liang Zheng, Yuzhong Qu, Jidong Jiang, Gong Cheng: Facilitating Entity Navigation Through Top-K Link Patterns. __Proc. ISWC__
*Wei Hu, Honglei Qiu, Michel Dumontier: Link Analysis of Life Science Linked Data. __Proc. ISWC__
*Qingxia Liu, Gong Cheng, Yuzhong Qu: On Coherent Indented Tree Visualization of RDF Graphs. __Proc. APWeb__
*Gong Cheng, Danyun Xu, Yuzhong Qu: Summarizing Entity Descriptions for Effective and Efficient Human-centered Entity Linking. __Proc. WWW__
*Jiwei Ding, Wentao Ding, Wei Hu, Yuzhong Qu: An EBMC-Based Approach to Selecting Types for Entity Filtering. __Proc. AAAI__
*Wei Hu, Cunxin Jia, Lei Wan, Liang He, Lixia Zhou, Yuzhong Qu: CAMO: Integration of Linked Open Data for Multimedia Metadata Enrichment. __Proc. ISWC__
*Gong Cheng, Yanan Zhang, Yuzhong Qu: Explass: Exploring Associations between Entities via Top-K Ontological Patterns and Facets. __Proc. ISWC %%(color:red;)(Best Research Paper Nominee)%%__
*Liang Zheng, Yuzhong Qu: An EMD-Based Similarity Measure for Multi-type Entities Using Type Hierarchy. __Proc. APWeb__
*Xiangqian Li, Jiwei Ding, Yuzhong Qu: Optimizing Alignment Selection in Ontology Matching via Homomorphism Constraint. __Proc. APWeb__
*Saisai Gong, Wei Hu, Yuzhong Qu: Leveraging Distributed Human Computation and Consensus Partition for Entity Coreference. __Proc. ESWC__
*Danyun Xu, Gong Cheng, Yuzhong Qu: Facilitating Human Intervention in Coreference Resolution with Comparative Entity Summaries. __Proc. ESWC__
*Gong Cheng, Saisai Gong, Yuzhong Qu: An Empirical Study of Vocabulary Relatedness and Its Application to Recommender Systems. __Proc. ISWC %%(color:red;)(Best Research Paper Nominee)%%__
*Gong Cheng, Thanh Tran, Yuzhong Qu: RELIN: Relatedness and Informativeness-Based Centrality for Entity Summarization. __Proc. ISWC__
*Nophadol Jekjantuk, Jeff Z. Pan, Yuzhong Qu: Diagnosis of Software Models with Multiple Levels of Abstraction Using Ontological Metamodeling. __Proc. COMPSAC__
*Wei Hu, Jianfeng Chen, Hang Zhang, Yuzhong Qu: How Matchable Are Four Thousand Ontologies on the Semantic Web. __Proc. ESWC__
*Wei Hu, Jianfeng Chen, Yuzhong Qu: A self-training approach for resolving object coreference on the semantic web. __Proc. WWW__

!!! Journal Articles
*Qingxia Liu, Gong Cheng, Kalpa Gunaratna, Yuzhong Qu: Entity summarization: State of the art and future challenges. __J. Web Semant.__
*Gong Cheng, Daxin Liu, Yuzhong Qu: Fast Algorithms for Semantic Association Search and Pattern Mining. __IEEE Trans. Knowl. Data Eng.__
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*Shuxin Li, Gong Cheng, Chengkai Li: Relaxing relationship queries on graph data. __J. Web Semant.__
*Daxin Liu, Gong Cheng, Qingxia Liu, Yuzhong Qu: Fast and Practical Snippet Generation for RDF Datasets. __ACM Trans. Web__
*Wenqiang Liu, Jun Liu, Bifan Wei, Haimeng Duan, Wei Hu: A new truth discovery method for resolving object conflicts over Linked Data with scale-free property. __Knowl. Inf. Syst.__
*Wenqiang Liu, Jun Liu, Mengmeng Wu, Samar Abbas, Wei Hu, Bifan Wei, Qinghua Zheng: Representation learning over multiple knowledge graphs for knowledge graphs alignment. __Neurocomputing__
*Saisai Gong, Wei Hu, Weiyi Ge, Yuzhong Qu: Modeling Topic-Based Human Expertise for Crowd Entity Resolution. __J. Comput. Sci. Technol.__
*Liang Zheng, Yuzhong Qu, Gong Cheng: Leveraging link pattern for entity-centric exploration over Linked Data. __World Wide Web__
*Liang Zheng, Yuzhong Qu, Xinqi Qian, Gong Cheng: A hierarchical co-clustering approach for entity exploration over Linked Data. __Knowl. Based Syst.__
*Saisai Gong, Wei Hu, Haoxuan Li, Yuzhong Qu: Property Clustering in Linked Data: An Empirical Study and Its Application to Entity Browsing. __Int. J. Semantic Web Inf. Syst.__
*Wei Hu, Amrapali Zaveri, Honglei Qiu, Michel Dumontier: Cleaning by clustering: methodology for addressing data quality issues in biomedical metadata. __BMC Bioinform.__
*Gong Cheng, Fei Shao, Yuzhong Qu: An Empirical Evaluation of Techniques for Ranking Semantic Associations. __IEEE Trans. Knowl. Data Eng.__
*Gong Cheng, Danyun Xu, Yuzhong Qu: C3D+P: A summarization method for interactive entity resolution. __J. Web Semant.__
*Wei Hu, Cunxin Jia: A bootstrapping approach to entity linkage on the Semantic Web. __J. Web Semant.__
*Wei Hu, Rui Yang, Yuzhong Qu: Automatically generating data linkages using class-based discriminative properties. __Data Knowl. Eng.__
*Danyun Xu, Gong Cheng, Yuzhong Qu: Preferences in Wikipedia abstracts: Empirical findings and implications for automatic entity summarization. __Inf. Process. Manag.__
*Gong Cheng, Yuzhong Qu: Relatedness between vocabularies on the Web of data: A taxonomy and an empirical study. __J. Web Semant.__
*Weiyi Ge, Gong Cheng, Huiying Li, Yuzhong Qu: Incorporating compactness to generate term-association view snippets for ontology search. __Inf. Process. Manag.__
*Wei Hu, Yuzhong Qu, Xingzhi Sun: Bootstrapping Object Coreferencing on the Semantic Web. __J. Comput. Sci. Technol.__
*Yuzhong Qu, Gong Cheng: Falcons Concept Search: A Practical Search Engine for Web Ontologies. __IEEE Trans. Syst. Man Cybern. Part A__