Linkage analysis of the semantic web: The state of the art

Last update: 2010-04-02
Authors: Weiyi Ge , Gong Cheng , Yuzhong Qu
Type: Article
Published: 2010
Publisher: Magazine Board of Computer Science
Volume: 37
Issue: 3
Pages: 17-21
inPublication: Computer Science (in Chinese)

With the development of Semantic Web rescarch,more and more data are emerging on the Semantic Web. To pursue the goal of the Semantic Web, sharing and reusing data, entity search and document search are two essentials.Linkage analysis on the Semantic Web is a tool which could direct Semantic Web search. Besides, the state of the art of the Semantic Web always attracts researchers, whereas linkage analysis is a key to the mining of the macrostructure of the Semantic Web. This paper surveyed the state of the art of research on linkage analysis of the Semantic Web at two granularitics, entity-level and document level. In particular, we focused on various linkage models as well as the use of various linkage analysis methods.

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