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Basic Algorithms

V-Doc is a new linguistic matching algorithm. The main idea of V-Doc is to construct virtual documents for each entity in the ontologies and use Vector Space Model to compute similarities between the virtual documents. The virtual document of an entity consists of a "collection of words" extracted from the entity's name, labels and comments as well as the ones from all neighbors of this entity. The experiment results on OAEI'05 benchmark tests are availabel here.

GMO is a novel graph matching algorithm. The main idea of GMO is to use RDF bipartite graphs to represent ontologies, and measuring their structural similarity by a new similarity propagation measurement. The experiment results on OAEI'05 benchmark tests can be downloaded here.

Matching Topics

PBM is a divide-and-conquer method for partition-based block matching that is practically applicable to large class hierarchies. Based on both structural affinities and linguistic similarities, two large class hierarchies are partitioned into small blocks respectively. Then, blocks from different hierarchies are matched based on the relatedness between them via anchors. The experiment results can be found in here.

BMO is a novel partitioning-based approach to address the block matching issue. It considers both linguistic and structural characteristics of entities based on virtual documents, and uses a hierarchical bisection algorithm for partitioning. It sets up two kinds of metrics to evaluate of the quality of block matching. The experiment results are available here.

Marson is an approach to discovering simple mappings between a relational database schema and an ontology. It exploits simple mappings based on virtual documents, and eliminates incorrect mappings via validating mapping consistency. Additionally, it also constructs a special type of semantic mappings, called contextual mappings, which is useful for practical applications. All the test cases and experimental results can be downloaded from here.


Falcon-AO 2010 is now released under the SEALS platform. Please visit the service from For the offline version, please download it from here. Before running it, please confirm that you have installed at least JRE 6.0.

The experiment results of Falcon-AO v0.7 on OAEI'07 contests (including benchmark, anatomy, library, environment, directory, food and conference) are available here in total.

The experimental results of old Falcon-AO v0.6 on OAEI'06 contests can be found here.

The experimental results of old Falcon-AO v0.3 on OAEI'05 contests can be found here.